How to Crochet Perfect Easy Poncho
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How to Crochet Perfect Easy Poncho?

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Why do I think crocheted poncho is an indispensable must-have in a woman’s wardrobe?And for every season of the year.

Because the quarantine period was an impulse for me to return to knitting.

First, I’ve spent a huge amount of time in front of my computer, consistently and intensively building my brand online. But the truth is that it is a rather long process, and the effects of this type of action come only with time. Sometimes long, long after …..

But the immediate effect was a persistent headache. Which prompted me to return to the basics: moderation and balance between time spent in front of my computer and the time spent offline.
Which meant for me – more crochet.

That’s how was born this poncho and the idea of a new Instagram profile: @anavellacrochet.

How to Crochet Perfect Easy Poncho

In general, this kind of crochet poncho goes well with a summer dress. You can use it as a cape to put on your shoulders, to take it with you for a summer outing in case the weather cools down.

This poncho was made inspired by this pattern from the French magazine IDEAL. Because I didn’t have enough yarn, I finished my poncho on row number 24. But for me – it looks good like that.

How to Crochet Perfect Easy Poncho

I’ve made it with quite a thin yarn with the hook no. 6.

The advantage of a thicker hook used with an inadequate yarn thickness or a relatively thin yarn (with this type of yarn I would normally use crochet hook No. 3 or 3.5). But it made the poncho feel so nice when you put it on your shoulders.

I love crochet ponchos, just like my daughter. As you can see – my six-year-old fashionista took her old white poncho out of the closet and also tried on my poncho. With such an interest and
with such a demand for ponchos, I start knitting another one.

Because the ponchos are so feminine. Poncho is an ideal element of a woman’s wardrobe: such a must-have for winter, autumn, spring, and summer.

You can put a crochet poncho on a sweater, on an autumn jacket, or the bare shoulders with a summer dress. Crochet ponchos are so charming.

Here is my crochet poncho, which I hope to wear in the summer. But also when the colder days come, in autumn with some warm autumn sweaters.
Because crochet poncho brings so much feminine charm to an everyday outfit. I love it so much.

And I’m going to use it in the fall, on a bit cooler days, or even throwing it on top of the autumn jacket to help it retain heat, adding a bit of feminine charm.



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